Advantage Of Aluminium Roofing Sheets

Aluminium is one of the most commonly used roofing models available. This versatile material is well-suited and structurally sound for multiple constructions used making it a favorite for contractors and builders. The workability of such roofing sheets is greater when compared with other roofing solutions. In the past, Aluminium wasn’t a common roofing material because of the cost constraints and structural limitations. But as the industry evolved further innovations were introduced which resolved the existing constraints regarding cost and structural limitations. As the solution is cost-effective and easily installable compared with traditional solutions, Aluminium roofing is nowadays commonly used in garden studios, workshops, extra roofing for houses, etc. Here we are listing out the top 8 advantages of Aluminium as a roofing material. 

  • Light-weight but strong

Aluminium is a lightweight material when compared with other roofing materials. This aids in terms of transportation, and keeping the structural weight to a minimum. Although its light-weight, it’s a robust material. It has the highest strength to weight ratio which is even greater than steel. The robustness and lesser weight make it an ideal solution for roofing. 

  • Corrosion resistance

Aluminum sheets doesn’t rust or corrode even in the highly corrosive environments. Aluminium is resistant to weathering, even in industrial atmospheres.  Since it doesn’t have iron or steel content, it won’t rust when exposed to atmospheric gases. Although Aluminium does undergo oxidation which will result in a thin layer formation above the exterior of the sheet. This hard layer actually protects the sheet from further corrosion. 

  •  Easy installation

Aluminium roofing sheets require minimum time for installation when compared with others. The builders can easily cut the sheet to the desired size and fasten it to the trusses. In this way, it reduces the labour charges and time for installation. 

  • Saves energy

Aluminium reflects sun rays so, in summer the roofing will the building interiors cooler despite the higher temperature outside. In colder months, the Aluminium roof will help keep the warmth inside the house which will help in reducing heating costs and saving energy.

  • Long-lasting solution

Aluminium roofs can last more than 50 years. This initial installation cost for Aluminium roofs will be the only one-time investment for the roofing. This one-time installment will last as long as multiple installments of other roofing solutions. 

  • Aesthetics

Aluminium can be easily moulded to desired shapes. It is a malleable metal – it contains atoms that can be slid over one another when the material is bent or pressed. The malleability of the material is the major factor that makes it easier to mould it to aesthetically pleasing models and designs. Aluminium roofs come in contemporary and modern styles with a range of pleasing coatings and finishes. 

  • Environment friendliness

Aluminium sheets have greater recyclability rates. Aluminium roofing can be recycled and the roofing can consist of up to 90% recycled material. 

  • Safety

Aluminium roofing sheets have higher energy absorption levels, superior strength and higher resistance to denting than other roofing sheets. They are also non-combustible and in-flammable which makes Aluminium roofing sheets a safe and secure solution for roofing purposes. 


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