Bahrain World Trade Center – Sustainability Made Commercial

Stand Out

The Bahrain World Trade Center has real life sustainability which more than skin deep, this structure has become an icon of environmentally sustainable design which actually works pretty well in real life too. Bahrain World Trade Center is undoubtedly the first large-scale building that use the wind power in its environment to supply the electric need of the structure. This is the first skyscraper in the world to successfully and practically integrate wind turbines into its design.

The wind turbines in the structure were developed, built and installed by the wind power experts of Danish company Norwin A/S.


Form And Function

The two buildings which make up this complex were inspired by the shape of the sails of ships, very similar to Burj Al Arab in Dubai (gulf countries seem have soft spot for sailboats). These sails are slanted so that the air flows to the wind turbines. This in turn cranks up the electricity producing numbers as well. This building was also a message that gulf countries which were known for oil prowess were also ready to embrace green technologies as well.

Overall Function

There are 3 bridges which support 3 turbines, this allows the wind to pass through the blades, this design allows for 30% more air to pass the turbines. These turbines comes without the noise and vibrations, this due to the fact these turbines inherently different than the turbines used in farms and windmill farms. The project has received several awards for sustainability, The 2006 LEAF Award for Best Use of Technology within a Large Scheme and The Arab Construction World for Sustainable Design Award. When these 3 windmills are running at their maximum capacity can provide between 11 and 15% of the energy the building demands, which amounts to between 1100 to 1300 megawatts per year.

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