Building a dream home: 5 common mistakes people usually commit

Are you planning to construct a dream house? Then try to avoid the common mistakes that people usually commit while constructing the home. Most of the people who have just completed the construction of their house often say that if they get one more chance, they will do it ideally by correcting the mistakes which had occurred while constructing the house. Because of the stress and confusion during the construction phase, we may ignore some factors which lead to design blunders and great losses. Here are the five common mistakes people usually commit.

#1 Water Tank Miseries

After the two months of construction, the family begins to notice that the water runs out within one or two hours after filling up the tank. They realize that there was a leakage in the pipeline. They try to contact the contractor but he is not interested in helping them. The fact is the family is not knowledgeable about the structure of the pipeline. So many technicians and contractors try to solve it out, but all of them would become unsuccessful. After so many efforts the family finds out that the leakage happened in the pipe that ran through the front yard. But the front yard is surfaced with expensive tiles, so for fixing the leakage, the tiles should be removed and paved again.

#2 Pebbles Worries

You will feel proud and happy when the guests praised your beautiful courtyard, but it is only for a few weeks. After that, they begin to get stained.  To restore its glaze, you have to scrub and clean each piece of a pebble. But they will get dirty again. So they need to be replaced with artificial grass. Artificial grass may get dusty but they are far better than pebbles.

#3 Hot Glasses

Contemporary structured houses are becoming a trend in Kerala. Extraordinary designs in glass are considered as a unique feature of the contemporary architectural side. But, if the glass panel is placed on the wall in the southwestern directions will make the interiors extremely hot. On abroad, the glasses are fixed as a protection from the chilling winter. But for the humid climate in India, the glasses on the house will not be a good idea.

#4 Vertical Woes

The vertical garden will give your house greenery. But the vertical garden requires constant caring and watering. When the plants dry up the first time, homeowners regrow it by spending a sturdy amount. Moreover, The dried-up vertical garden looks awful inside the house. 

#5 Pergola Problem

By installing a pergola with a polycarbonate sheet will make your house look chic and stylish. But the polycarbonate sheet will break quickly when a heavy object falls over it. And if it is installed on the skylight, it will lose the luster due to the fungus growth. 


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