Burj Khalifa - tallest building, in its all glory at night

Burj Khalifa – A Marvel in Many Ways

Burj Khalifa – an element of wonder, is a skyscraper standing tall at Rashid Boulevard, Dubai. Burj Khalifa, previously known as Burj Dubai holds the title of “Tallest Building in the World” since its grand opening in 2010. With a stunning height of 828m (2717 ft), it is designed to be a practical example of large-scale and mixed-use development. The skyscraper houses, hotels, offices and residential homes along with vast lounges, health and wellness facilities, four pools and two observation decks.

An Architectural Marvel
This marvelling structure was designed by Adrian Smith, of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill. It is said that the lyrical and well-balanced structure of Spider lily, a regional flower seen in the deserts of Dubai inspired Adrian Smith in the design for the iconic masterpiece. The tower is built as three sections arranged around a central core. One can also say that it resembles the Onion dome design of Islamic architecture. It is a massive structure with over 160 storeys built over a period of six years.

Burj Khalifa inspired from spider lily

An Artwork Housing Art Pieces
Tourists from around the world fly over to see the constructional innovation and uniqueness presented by the skyscraper. The interior of the Burj Khalifa is decorated by more than 1000 artworks. The lobby of The Residence of Burj Tower is decorated using the Jaume Plensa’s artwork “World’s Voice” – a piece that resonates the sound of people around the world. Another architectural work that adorns the tower is “Evolutes” by Karim Rashid. The common areas of the tower even have a distinctive fragrance to emulate a new experience.

Breathtaking Visual Treats
The two observation decks is another key attraction, that provides the breathtaking view of Dubai city. The first observation deck is on the 125th floor and the second one is on the 148th floor. An aerial view of the Dubai Fountain with the performance track played at the top creates an unforgettable experience. It offers a serene view of Dubai covered in white clouds on a foggy morning. The viewfinders placed in the observation deck takes the viewers into the past, focusing on old Dubai.

Unique in Every Way
Burj Khalifa is unique in its own right. It’s a skyscraper that came to life with the collaboration of more than 30 on-site contracting companies spread all over the world. This fact alone gives new meaning to the artwork “World’s Voices”. It houses the world’s highest restaurant – At.mosphere and World’s highest library. It would take a lifetime to enjoy the wonders that Burj Khalifa offers to its visitors!!

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