Capital Building – Green technology in an Everyday building

In this blog, we are taking look at a structure which is close to my home, Mumbai’s Capital Building. In the first look, the building looks the average modern office space. While the aesthetics of the building may be unique in the least. We are taking looking at this for entirely different reasons, this building is a combination of green initiatives, human comfort and some clever use of the natural which the structure is exposed to, on a daily basis.

Greener Than You Think

Even if the aesthetics are not unique one has to accept the fact the greenery surrounding this structure does not keep the folks at the Greenpeace happy. The plants actually add to the building’s functionality, it has been said that the building is factually 2°C cooler than the outside. The building houses rainwater harvesting a system which can fulfil around 60% water need of the building during the rainy season. The glass coating of the building reduces the load on electrical lighting sources by around 30%. The building further uses LED for its artificial lightning purposes. The overall energy efficiency of this building stands at 80%.

Down to the Earth

With all the green initiatives of the building, one might think that the building is made with space-age materials. In fact, the building is made with traditional reinforced steel, concrete and glass. The hero is the architect James Law, a modern maestro known for his use of minimalistic straight lines style but the functional building which are environment-friendly. Even with the size and scope of the building, it just houses 16 floors so as to make it a self-sustaining office of the maximum level.

How’s this Different

Again one might ask what’s so special about this building other than its green credentials, here developers have sacrificed significant real estate for the sake of its green credentials. This building houses the world’s most advanced and largest automated car parking system. This building when compared with a similar structure consumes 45% less electricity, 35% less water and has cleaner inside than the outside. Mind you, this building is in one of the most polluted cities in the world. This building can be an inspiration for all real endeavours in polluted cities around the world. Furthermore, this is one of the few structures which has AAA rating with 80% energy efficiency. This structure also has the prestigious LEED gold certification for its green initiatives.

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