Church of the Light

The Church of the Light also called the Church with Light is the main chapel of the Ibaraki Kasugaoka Church, Ibaraki, Osaka Prefecture in Japan. It was built in 1989 by one of the most famous designs of Japanese architect Tadao Ando. The design has wowed many people by its simple fusion of fluid light and the surround dark solids.
It should be noted for the fact that the church uses natural light for most of its illumination purposes. From the above plan, it shows how the architect uses the angles of sun rays to create an effect of reflection and light distribution. Even with all the complexities, the building is created with minimal steel bars and concrete.


Even the walls of the church left unpolished to get a feel of minimal uniqueness, the presence of light inside the barrenness of the church gives the light the evermore importance that which it brings the building. The concept here is simple, it actually keeps things with some really complicated planning. The angles of the two building at 15° apart this means that the light actually reflected even from the adjoining building to give a light does seem brighter what t is outside. Beyond the light, the church is surrounded by gardens instead of a car park. The whole building has a gloomy feel from the outside, it is only after coming inside where the architect’s real intention comes out. All in all, the church of light is a perfect example of creativity with nature has the front-runner. The minimal church is a must visit for anyone who appreciates great architecture.

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