CIAL – Giving Self Sustainable Energy A Take Off

In this blog keeping in mind the importance of world environment day,  we will take a look at a structure which has become a model for every airport in the world. In this blog we will be talking about the Cochin International Airport, this airport is an international airport serves the city of Kochi, the commercial capital of the state of Kerala, India. The airport is at around 25 km from the centre of the city, keeping in mind the traffic implication of having an airport closer to the city. This airport is not just a token as it caters to around 64% of total passenger movement in the state of Kerala. It is the seventh busiest airport in terms of overall traffic and fourth busiest airport when it comes to international passenger movement. Besides the green working model, this is the first airport in India made under a public-private partnership (PPP) mode.

Form Following Function

While the architecture is inspired from the traditional Kerala style, the overall style fuses the modern functionality with a traditional outer exterior. The unappealing style is offset by the 13.1 megawatts (MW) photovoltaic power station which has been built inside the airport and powers the airport for all its needs. The airport in the world which is powered entirely by renewable energy.

Solar Plant

The solar plant consists of 46,150 solar panels which have been laid across 45 acres of buffer area quite close to the international cargo complex. The plant was installed by the Germany electronics giant Bosch Ltd. The plant is capable of generating 50,000 units of electricity on a daily basis, and the plant is equipped with a supervisory control and data acquisition system, 24/7 remote monitoring is carried out.


This airport from the tiny state of Kerala should be an inspiration for all future airport which will be built, while the passenger movement or the number of flights maybe not be mammoth, this is a step forward nonetheless. The airport intends to expand its energy generation capacity from the solar panels so as to balance the growth in traffic.

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