Eiffel Tower – Symbol of France

Tower and The Architect

The French engineer Gustave Eiffel presented his first draft tower to those responsible for the City of Barcelona, to be built in this city on the occasion of the Universal Exposition of Barcelona (1888), but those responsible for the Barcelona city hall had seemed a strange building, And face, it does not fit into the city. Following the refusal of the council of Barcelona, Eiffel presented his project to those responsible for the Universal Exhibition in Paris, where he erigiría a year later, in 1889. They agreed to build the tower, even though in principle they thought that they would have to disassemble once the exhibition. Only the will of the people stopped were broken.


When the monument was built was highest in the world, 300 meters high (if the amount of radio antenna that is at its peak, its height is 324 meters). When built, the tower weighs about 7,300 tons, while today it is estimated his weight at more than 10,000 (due to the museum, restaurants, stores and shops that hosts). It was expected that the tower reaches 350 meters in height, but the neighbours were alarmed by the threat of a building as tall and built with little stones could fall off, and marched, causing a change in plans. The 24 meters last fall to a radio antenna that was added much later.

Steel in the Structure

The colossal structure, formed among others, 18,000 pieces of angle profiles, flat irons and special profiles T, had a length of 5 meters and precision manufacture of the tenth of a millimetre, who joined with 2.5 million rivets. Wrought iron (Pudel) erected in the form of 18,038 pieces Entrecruzadas set by 2,500,000 rivets. The structure of the masterpiece of Gustave Eiffel was very aerated and the robustness of their materials, their weight is 7,300 hue. The iron Pudel, unlike steel, was obtained by shaking in the oven, iron and slag, increasing oxidation and becoming more viscous iron. It was well produced, a material that was approaching the composition of the steel, which could then laminated hot.

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