Fix Cracked Walls Permanently – A Guide

The crack in your walls is an eyesore. They are generally caused by the natural settling of a house over time. You can repair a cracked wall by yourself with simple tools and materials from your local home improvement store. Recognize the reason for the cracks and learn how to repair the crack permanently. This helps you avoid similar situations in the future. This guide provides details about the type of cracks and what course of action to take particular how to repair the cracked walls.

Reasons for Cracks

Poor paint job: While painting your entire house, there can be chances of tempting to rush through it so mistakes can happen. Missing out layers, or not letting previous layers completely dry can hamper your overall efforts.

Low-Quality paint: Cracks on the walls are mainly due to the inferior quality pains which result in poor paint adhesion on your wall. Using different paints for each paint coat will also cause cracks on the wall.

Impatience during plasterwork: If you are not letting cement plaster completely dry before applying paint will leads to cracks. 

Weather changes: Your home’s structural materials expand when the temperature gets warmer, and they shrink when the temperature drops. Due to this, the cracks can be formed on your walls. 

How to Fix the Cracked Walls? 

#1 Plaster Wall Patching

You first need to shore up the wall with a two-step process, if the plaster is pulling away from the lath. This includes a conditioner spray followed by adhesive. Now drill the hole with a 3/16 inch masonry bit that will pierce the plaster. Vacuum the dust and debris from the holes. Now spray the conditioner into each hole. According to the manufacturer’s instructions allow dwelling time. Start from the lowest point of the wall, inject the adhesive into each hole. With the help of a damp sponge, clean up the excess conditioner. Attach plaster rings with a drill immediately. This will pull the plaster tight against the wall. Allow curing after that. Now remove the plaster rings. Using a coat of joint compound, hide the holes and crack. then apply a second coat of joint compound after lightly sanding. 

#2 Fixing Drywall

Cut a 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch V-notch along the length of the crack by using a utility knife. Now vacuum out loose material. Using either mesh joint tape or joint compound and paper tape, followed by a thin layer of joint compound cover the crack and then extend them about 2 inches on each side of the tape. Let it dry. Apply a second coat of joint compound. Then again set it to dry overnight.  Lightly sand until smooth. Now the wall is ready to paint.

#3 Concrete Walls

Use an epoxy repair kit to repair a concrete wall since epoxy will make a watertight seal in the crack. Tap 3-inch finish nails partially into the crack. These nails will attach injection ports. Before using epoxy, mix them, since it comes in two parts A and B. Combine equal parts of the epoxy on a scrap piece of wood using a putty knife. Now apply the mixed epoxy on each injection port tab. Then spread this epoxy over the crack by extending 1 inch on either side of the crack. To feather the epoxy at the edges you can use a paintbrush dipped in mineral spirits. Wait for 6 to 10 hours to cure. Starting from the bottom inject liquid concrete repair into the ports by using a caulk gun until the liquid oozes from the port. Before moving to the next, plug each port. Cut the port flush with the wall with a hacksaw after 5 days since it needs time to get cured.

Ignoring the small cracks on your wall will cause the problem to become much worse and much more expensive. Make this as your guide and fix cracked walls permanently. 

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