Frank gehry is the best architect of our times whose many works has piqued the attention of the world for its uniqueness

Frank Gehry – The Amazing Architect.

Heard of Guggenheim Museum Bilbao or Walt Disney Concert Hall? What about Louis Vuitton Foundation or The Vitra Design Museum? Wondering what all these famous structures have in common? Its Frank Gehry, who was the main architect for all these beautiful and imposing structures.

Frank Gehry, born as Frank Owen Goldberg, is a Canadian born American architect. Vanity Fair labelled him as “the most important architect of our age”. He works are very impressive and creative and are treated as best works to showcase contemporary architecture. He has been awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest medal of honour for a US civilian and the Order of Canada, the second highest order of merit for Canadian citizens. He is also a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects.

He was very creative even as a child. Using the scraps of wood he could get his hands on, he would build make cities. He found his greatest supporter in his mother and maternal grandmother. It took him some time to realize his talent for making things. After his realization, he went on to gain a Bachelor of Architecture degree from USC.

Gehry residence is what gave frank gehry a jump start to his excellent career

It was his own private residence, Gehry residence, that gave him his first break. His works follow the contemporary style of architecture. His works show his experimental nature making them hard to categorise. Some of its works are examples of deconstructivism – a post-modern architecture movement which gives off the feeling of fragmentation of the constructed building. His works are best examples to showcase the beauty in asymmetry.

His creative and innovative mind has captured the attention of the world making him a renowned architect of the world. He has many works to his credit –  be it a museum or residential structure or an institutional building. His famous works include Neuer Zollhof, Dusseldorf, Germany, Chiat/Day Complex, Venice, California, Gehry House, Santa Monica, California, Loyola Law School, Los Angeles, California, Olympic Fish Pavilion, Barcelona, Spain, Weisman Art Museum, Minneapolis, Minnesota and many others.

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