Guide to Choose the Best Wood for Your Furniture

Different types of hardwood and softwood for furniture are accessible in the market. Each one has a different set of characteristics in terms of color, density, grain, and finishing. It is risky to choose the right wood for furniture as it provides you to regulate the exact price of your unit. To make furniture, you can use any type of wood, but not all woods are made equal. That’s why you need to choose it carefully. Here is the detailed information of wood in the account of the various aspects of wood including types of woods, comparison between hardwood and softwood, qualities of wood, and so on.

Wood Characteristics

Hardness: All the hardwoods may not be so hard, similarly all the softwoods are not soft. Both are botanical ones- hardwoods are flowering trees and softwoods are conifers. Hardwoods are more valuable than softwoods because the wood is rarer. A more applied way to recognize wood is by its grain and color.

Woodgrain and color: The grain of each wood is determined by the cell structure of a tree. Hardwoods have tubular cells called vessels that are observable as pores in the wood. The texture of the wood is slightly rough, or open if the cells are large and are smooth if the cells are small; these woods, labeled as close-grained, don’t require filling.  

During each year’s growing season, all trees have annual growth rings, made up of the cells formed. The types and arrangement of the cells fix how the wood looks. There are woods with cowed and with clearly distinct grains; there are straight grains, stripes, swirls, waves or curls, ripples, eyes, and mottled effects. 

Common Furniture Woods

Ash (white ash)

Ash is a tough hardwood known mainly for its excellent twisting skills; it’s used for bentwood’s and for bent furniture parts demanding extreme strength. Ash veneers are also common. Ash differs in color from smooth white or gray with a light brown cast to a dark reddish-brown. The price is reasonable.


Basswood is a mutual hardwood, often used in a blend with rare woods such as walnut and mahogany. Their color will differ from creamy brown or reddish, with broad rays and sometimes slightly darker lines. The grain is straight and even. Basswood is close-grained, with very minor pores. It is low-priced.


Beech is not attractive as ash but it can bend easily. Moreover, Beech is used with more expensive woods mainly in unremarkable places — chair and table legs, drawer bottoms, sides and backs of cabinets. It is cheap. 


Mahogany is a traditional wood used for fine furniture. It’s also used extensively in veneers. Mahogany differs in color from medium brown to deep red-brown and dark red; the grain is very characteristic and good-looking. It is very expensive. 


Satinwood has always been valued for fine hardwood veneers and also for use in attractive inlays and patterns. Its color fluctuates from bright golden yellow to a darker yellowish brown, with a very characteristic and striking stippled or ribbon-striped pattern. It is very classy. 


Walnut is the most demandable wood used for fine furniture. It is chocolate brown in color; its grain is very prominent and gorgeous. It is very expensive.

This guide will help you to choose the Best Wood for Your Furniture and also know about how to choose the best wood for your furniture.

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