Icon Resurrected: Library of Alexandria Part 1

Alexander’s Legacy

In this blog we will be taking a look at the library of Alexandria, we will discuss the old and the modern versions of the structure. Beginning with ancient structure, it was called the Royal Library of Alexandria or Ancient Library of Alexandria in Alexandria, Egypt and it was undoubtedly one of the largest and most significant libraries of the world, whose influence is even discussed today, Alexandria was once considered as a capital of knowledge and learning, due to the presence of the Great Library. The library was also a large research institution called the Museum of Alexandria, this is a place where many famous thinkers of the ancient world came studied, taught and mingled with each other. The ancient library was constructed by Ptolemy I Soter, who was the successor to Alexander the Great. The books were kept as papyrus scrolls at that time, which required attention around the clock. The library also servant quarters too, so as to take care of the archives. While the exact number of papyrus is unknown but is estimated to range anywhere from 40,000 to 400,000 at its peak popularity.


While the exact layout of the library is not known, but ancient historians and individuals have described the Library. Their description has been consistent through the age, giving us some idea of how the ancient library actually looked like. In some detail, the structure consisted of Greek columns, a peripatos walk, dining room, servant quarters, meeting rooms, lecture halls, and it really was the blueprint for the modern university campus as we know it today. The library did take centre stage on this campus. This light of knowledge and enlightenment was one of the case of The flame that burns Twice as bright burns half as long. The library was burned down or to be exact the library was damaged due to fire, no one is sure about the nature of the fire. The city was also met by a huge earthquake, which further damaged the library. The loss of the knowledge from this library has been felt through ages, the destruction of the ancient library has become a symbol of the loss of knowledge in general.


The Need for a Modern Library

Arguably, this library is most famous for having been burned down resulting in the loss of many scrolls and books; its destruction has become a symbol for the loss of cultural knowledge. Sources differ on who was responsible for its destruction and when it occurred. The library may in truth have suffered several fires over many years. In addition to fires, at least one earthquake damaged the city and the library during this time. Possible occasions for the partial or complete destruction of the Library of Alexandria include a fire set by the army of Julius Caesar in 48 BC and an attack by Aurelian in the 270s AD

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