Indian Institute of Management – India’s Harvard

The Architect

Built by one of the most influential architects of the time, the Indian Institute of Management was designed and built by Louis Kahn. This educational structure was one of the very few structures which was designed by Louis Kahn which is situated outside the US. The building was commissioned by Government of India’s education ministry, the institute was to be a rival to match all the world class business studies across the world. The institute was itself was modeled after Harvard Business School in America. Louis Kahn was chosen after being impressed with his work on the Bangladesh Parliament House.

The Structure

The scale for this great campus was determined by the Indian government and the western state of Gujarat and was inspired by the Harvard Business School. The commission initially offered to a local architect Balkrishna Doshi Vithaldas, but that he had met Kahn in Philadelphia and was aware of the importance of their work and the importance that the new project would have both Kahn and for India, recommended that be given the new project to American architect.


The Indian Connection

The magnitude of the project, red tape, climate, time difference, timing, cultural differences and many other topics, led to that work started before Kahn finished his designs. In 1969 the Gujarat government asked Kahn to undertake a visit to India, which was infrequently, otherwise the project would be in the hands of Doshi, who was the local manager. Kanh made the trip but from that time was the architect Anant Raje force and the same Doshi, who undertook to continue the project until its completion in 1974, according to Kahn’s original quality. Kahn conceived the Indian Institute of Management as a mixture of austerity and majesty, including spaces for informal interaction and achieving a balance between modernism and tradition, which captured the timeless spirit of India.

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