Keep your House Cool in Summer without shooting up your Utility Bills

The kind of summer that hits our country now is sweltering and unbearable, making it even uncomfortable to go outside. One perfect solution for this is to run an air conditioner, but that is incredibly expensive. Moreover, you use a lot of strategies to keep cool during the summer season which might not work properly. There are plenty of ways to keep your room with a steady cool temperature without shooting up your electricity bill.

#1 Run ceiling fans in summer mode.

A ceiling fan is usually electrically powered that uses rotating blades to circulate air. They rotate more slowly than other types of circulating fans that effectively cool the room. It can be set to run either clockwise or anticlockwise. Running in a clockwise direction will maximize the warming of a room by pushing air down from the ceiling. But the blades running in the anticlockwise direction will create a cooling effect by maximizing air circulation around the room. So check the direction of blade it rotates.

#2 Use cotton clothes.

Try to avoid polyester, satin, or silk bedsheets and dress materials. Replace the bedsheets and your daily wear with cotton materials. The cotton offers great air circulation through the clothes. Also, use light-colored cotton materials since they allow warm light to reflect from the cloth. 

#3 Get a smart thermostat.

To keep your home cool, installing a thermostat is a good idea. When you’re out of the house, you can program your thermostat to reduce the temperature before you reach. This way you can make your home cool without wasting energy.

#4 Draw the curtains or blinds against the sun.

Draw the shades in rooms where direct sunlight is hitting the window. This will reduce the amount of sunlight and heat coming into your room. You might want to have your curtain open for ambient light, but try to avoid it while you’re not in the room. Thus reducing the amount of heat absorbed by the room.

#5 Open the windows at night.

Open your windows and doors when the sun begins to fall behind the horizon. Minimize opening and closing of doors at day time. This will cool the room and makes you feel comfortable.

#6 Plant Shade.

Planting a tree will take some time to establish and also need a little bit of planning, but it will provide you a cool atmosphere. A tree can obstruct about 70% of solar radiation from entering your house. In addition to this, they add a beautiful outlook to your area.

#7 Use an Exhaust Fan.

Today, most people use exhaust fans in their bathrooms and kitchen. If you have them, then try to use it since exhaust fans can even cool your home on hot days. They can pull heat out of your home, similar to the way they pull the steam while cooking.

You don’t have to experience the hot weather during the summer and also no need to spend too much on your electricity bill. If you want to cool your house, then follow the tips above and make it as your guide.


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