Kitchen Remodeling Decisions You’ll Never Regret

Are you thinking of Kitchen renovation and not sure where to begin?. Then, here are some good remodeling tips to make a perfect decision that you’ll never regret. The kitchen is the busiest area in your home. No matter how small or big your kitchen remodeling is, it will be expensive. There will be many considerations regarding appliances, surfaces, and ventilation. Cooking in an efficient, cleaned and beautiful space makes you feel comfortable. Follow the tips mentioned below to construct an excellent kitchen. 

#1 Stick with White

Choosing a color for your kitchen is time-consuming and an irritating process since there are so many shades available in the market. When it comes to the kitchen, white color will be the perfect option. It is the most dominant and marketable color. White gives elegance and beauty to the kitchen. It is the bright color that reflects the light and makes small kitchens feel larger. White means purity, happiness, and new beginnings. Most people begin their days in their kitchen, so white can really energize a room. For a homeowner, white color will be uber-tolerant of both your budget and taste. 

#2 Lay Hardwood Floors

Not having hardwood floors will become later regrets. According to the survey, more than half of homeowners who construct a kitchen without hardwood floors have spent an extra amount on other tiles. Designers suggested hardwood floors since they can pair well with any kitchen styles, from traditional to contemporary styles. From spills and splashes to food stains and dropped utensils or dishes, there are a number of different challenges that your floors will have to face. Doing a hardwood flooring will be the perfect option to face this challenge. 

#3 Smart Storage 

About 47% of your kitchen stuff is stored in basements or in the outhouse. Storage is the main challenge faced in the kitchen. We purchase a lot of kitchen stuff and there will be less space to place them. The solution is constructing a storage space. It’s not just about having storage, but about constructing it smartly. Create a storage area about 30 to 60 inches high and within 2 feet on either side of your body so that you can easily grab what you use all the time. 

#4 Shaker Style for Cabinets

Shaker style cabinets are simple and are very attractive. These types of cabinets have doors with recessed panels and minimal adornments. Most of the cabinets are built using hardwood and some may use veneer panels in the doors. For a combo of traditional and contemporary styles, plain, simple and clean lines will be a perfect choice. 

#5 Carrara Marble for Countertops

Carrara marbles have been used in house flooring for thousands of years. They are bright, elegant and add standard character to your kitchen. Choosing Carrara marbles will be one of the cheapest stone solutions. It is the least expensive and the most heavily gray-veined marble. Carrara marbles are heat resistant, they will not burn, melt, or catch fire.

These five kitchen features will maintain the beauty, elegance, marketability, and value to your kitchen. And you’ll not regret your decisions taken.


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