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One World Trade Center – An Iconic Spectacle

One World Trade Center, a tower that carries the spiritual legacy of the original World Trade Center Twin Towers. The original World Trade Center was not just a business icon to the world. It was a cultural symbol of United States of America. The One World Trade Center, also called WTC One, formerly known as Freedom Tower is one of the main buildings of the new rebuilt World Trade Center Complex in lower Manhattan, USA. Currently it is the tallest building in America and is ranked the 6th tallest in the World.

A New Origin

After the destruction of the original Twin Towers and surrounding buildings of the World Trade Center complex on September 11, 2001, The need for a new complex and towers was sanctioned immediately. The tower was initially designed by Daniel Libeskind and was redesigned by David Childs of Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (SOM), the firm who designed Burj Khalifa. The WTC one had an estimated height of 541m (1776 ft) including the spire. WTC One is considered the first major building whose construction is based upon a three-dimensional Building Information Model. The construction began in 2006.

The One World Trade Center was officially opened to public on November 3, 2014. The construction is done in such a way that the WTC One visually resembles the Original Twin Towers. The building contains 104 floors, in which 86 are usable above-ground floors and the rest are mechanical floors. There are 3 observation decks at floors 100-102 providing the beautiful skyline view of the New york city.

Green Building

One interesting feature about One World Trade Center is that most of the building structure is constructed using more than 40 % post-industrial recycled content. The building implements a rainwater collection system which manages overall water efficiency. The tower also makes use of off-site hydroelectric and wind power. The architectural design of the building is such that maximum sunlight is allowed to pass through thus reducing heavy energy costs.

The Masterpiece

The One World Trade Center is not just a building, It is a unique successor the the original. With all the modern technologies incorporated in terms of security, sustainability, strength, One can say it is truly a masterpiece.

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