Parthenon ancient Greek historic architecture

Parthenon – Older Than History Itself

The History

The Parthenon is a symbol for Greece for years and years cause the construction was completed in 438 BC. Even though the structure has seen more history than many historians, this imposing structure is mesmerizing today, imagine how it would have looked when it was just completed. Built as a temple for Athena, the goddess of love and fertility on the city of Athens. This structure is a reminder of the contribution of Greece to the world, architecture, mathematics, philosophy, democracy, meritocracy and countless other social institutions which take for granted. This is easily the most important standing structure of classical Greek architecture.

The Influence

The structure has been a symbol of western civilization itself, the temple has been used a church, synagogue and a mosque also. Such was the majesty of the structure, the structure was, unfortunately, was damaged during the Great Turkish War (1683–1699). There have been attempts by the global community for the restoration and reconstruction of the structure. The stability of the structure was also a concern for the authorities, which was ultimately corrected.

The architecture

The style of this structure is called Octastyle Doric, the entire structure stands on a platform above the ground, what we call foundation today but was a radical design during the time of construction. By standards of today the structure looks simply like made of slabs, and that thinking true to a great extent. The building is basically slabs supporting slabs, this is done by eights columns of the shorter and 17 columns on the longer side. Since this is a temple it was said to contain 17 statues of the goddess Athena, the temple itself was divided into two halves. Some of the statutes of the temple can be found in museums around the world (controversially).

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