Prevent Clogged Faucet & Drains – A Simple Guide

Are you facing the problem of clogs? The best solution is trying to avoid them before they happen. Preventing the clogs will save you from spending on hiring a plumber. Many homeowners are not aware of the easy and simple methods to fix clogged faucets and drains. So wondering how you can do it by yourself?. Here is the guide that helps you know how to prevent the Clogs of your drains and Faucet.

Clogged Drains

Drains are a conduit for unwanted water to be flushed away. These are flushed either to a more useful area or funneled into a receptacle. At the worst possible time, the drains always seem to clog especially when you have a houseful of overnight guests or a big party. Here are the reasons why your drains are clogged and their preventing methods:

1.Hair: Human hair is a big contributor to clogs as it can bind easily with grease and other sticky substances. Most of the stubborn clogs have hair involved in it especially in showers, and bathroom sinks.

Prevention: For preventing any hair from going down the drain, you can use a hair strainer drain guard and clear these regularly.

2.Soap: The soaps are made with grease which combines with minerals in water and leaves a hard residue that stains the bath fittings and clogs pipes. The soap sums can gather over time which reduces the diameter of the pipe and causing slow drainage or backups. 

Prevention: Use a soap-free wash which removes the traces of soap buildup.

3.Dirt: It is true that the drains will wash anything away but when you want to get the dirt off your clothes, it will build up and cause issues in your drains.

Prevention: Before washing the dirt inside, shake or rinse excess dirt and mud off your clothes and body outside.

4.Food Waste: Food waste can clog up your pipes even if you have a garbage disposal. Tea leaves and coffee grounds are the main reason for drain clogs because they don’t break down.

Prevention: Try to avoid putting food waste down drains and set up a compost bin for disposing of it.

5.Tree Roots: A small cracks or leaks in your pipes will invite tree roots to grow. These roots will obstruct the water flow and causing pipe damage.  

Prevention: Always be aware of the root structure of your trees and plants and then review the state of your drains regularly.

Clogged Faucet

Clogging of Faucet is an annoying problem but it can be solved easily. Try to clean your faucet regularly which prevents the faucet from clogging. To prevent the damage, place the rubber band around the faucet tip and use the piler of the wrench to gently loosen and carefully remove the tip. There can be lots of small pieces so carefully disassemble the tip. Keep the parts in the plastic bag and add vinegar until the pieces are submerged. The pieces also include rubber rings which should not be placed in the vinegar. Let that sit for an hour. You can use cleaning buds to remove the dirt inside your faucet. Rubber band a bag with vinegar only when you find there are mineral buildups inside. This helps to dissolve some of that mineral buildups. If the tips have soaked then remove it from the vinegar. Clean the mesh and the pieces by using the toothpick or pin. Fix all the tips back onto the faucet after the cleaning and now you will get cleaner tasting water.

With these simple tips, you can keep your drains and Faucet away from clogging and save time and money.

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