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Queen Alia International Airport – Restoring magnificence


This blog will be looking at the new terminals of the Queen Alia International Airport opened in 2014. While there was a terminal existing there it was unable to handle the flow of passengers, the new terminal was designed and under construction under one of the greatest living architect, Norman Foster. An architect who is known for fusing international architecture with the architecture of the local geography as well. He is one of Britain’s most prolific architects ever, In 1994, he received the AIA Gold Medal, and in 1999, Norman Foster won Pritzker Architecture Prize, which often called the Nobel Prize of architecture. Later in 2009, Norman Foster was awarded the Prince of Asturias Award in the Arts category. Even in 2018, Norman Foster is active in his works, notably in APIIC Tower in Hyderabad. This will be Norman Foster’s first project in India.


The design was inspired from Bedouin tents or Nomadic tents, one of the iconic structures of tribes of central Asia and Levant. The money spent on the airport was that this airport is effective in the centre of the Levant region. This modern part of the architecture is a called to the changes in the country, this airport showcases the ability of Jordan to a growing economy. This airport has certainly proved that there has been a 25% growth in passenger movement from this airport. This airport is also environment-friendly as well, with water harvesting and solar panels as well.

Queen Alia International Airport Jordan transit area


This airport has won many awards from its inception, In March 2013, this airport was included in the list of world’s top 40 Public-private partnership PPP projects, it took home a Gold recognition as “Best Emerging Market Infrastructure Project for Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East and North Africa” in Emerging Partnerships. In June 2013, this airport became only the second airport in the Middle East to successfully complete the “Mapping” level of the Airport Carbon Accreditation program run by Airports Council International Europe. This airport also received two 2013 Airport Service Quality (ASQ) Awards in February 2014, ranking at 1st place in the category of “Best Improvement by Region: Middle East” and 5th in the category of “Best Airport by Region: Middle East”. Remember that this airport had to compete with airports from Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and Israel.

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