Signs Your Chimney Needs a Checkup

The chimney is the most efficient part that needs cleaning. It constantly contends with combustion gases and outdoor elements. Like any part of your house, chimneys can suffer damage mostly if your house is older. Here are some signs that make you understand that your chimney needs a checkup.

Buckling Brick or Stone

If you notice any cracking of masonry inside the firebox or on the surroundings, then call a qualified mason before lighting an extra fire. Experts mention that a small gap will give sparks, ashes, and high heat a direct route to nearby combustibles.

Fallen Debris

Powdery black dust gathering in your firebox can be a symbol that flammable creosote is building up and you are late for a chimney cleaning. Discover what looks to be fragmented tile or pot wreckage is even more motive for anxiety. Terra-cotta chimney liner is still present at an older home with a masonry fireplace.  Due to the chimney fire, the pieces of it in the firebox will get damaged. When any products are blocking the chimney, the chimney fires will occur.

Smoky Odors

The smoke from the chimney will never smell from outside the room. You will get an excessive odor if the fireplace is working properly. If you get the smell beyond that, then extinguish the fire and take essential precautions.

The smoke from the chimney of a private house.

Wall Changes

Check your chimney if you find small soft spots on the wall or any bubbling up under paint. A damaged chimney cap can permit raindrops into the house, initiating the humidity damage to the areas nearby the instant assembly.

If you suspect you’ve had a chimney fire, then make this as your guide and do the needful.




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