The Slide Housemade by level architects of japan is an excellent example of fun filled home. It has unique architectural design

Slide house – Reinventing fun inside the home

As a kid, I always loved to ride a slide. Even now, if given an opportunity I would gladly do it. We all know about the slides in Google office. But ever thought of having a slide in your home? Or rather part of your home? Wouldn’t that be so much fun? The Slide house is an excellent example to prove that point.

Slide in a House??

Still hard to comprehend the idea? It would get easier once you see the Slide house. LEVEL Architects designed it. This wonderful house is situated in Meguro-Ku, a city region in Tokyo, Japan. Their client wanted a house that left fond memories for their three kids. The result was the sliding-bed house.

About Slide House:

It is a three storey building with slides connecting all the three floors. The slide is so placed that it becomes a part of the house giving it an air of fun and childhood innocence. To go up, the stairs on the right comes handy. Like slide, stairs also connect the three levels. To go down, you have two choices,  the boring stairs or fun slide. With slide, you get to have fun as well as save time and of the slide house japan is unique. it has slide as part of the house. making the house fun filled house creating many fun memories.

Design Features:

The ground floor has a Japanese-style room and home office. The living area is on the first floor with double height terrace which was converted to ball pit area for kids. The third floor has a bedroom and bathroom. With the inclusion of the slide in the design, the rounded wall structure gives it a new look. The grating deck fills the centre of the room with the light from the courtyard.

The Slide House takes residential housing to a different level with its creative design and unique feature. Like many, I would like to live in a Slide house which bundles up happiness, homeliness with fun.

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