The Carbon Positive House

When talking about environment-friendly initiatives, Australia has always been on the forefront in the fight against climate change. Following the steps of the Australian government, a company called ArchiBlox have released the world’s first carbon positive prefabricated house. While 2 years ago while in design, everyone had the doubts if this could become a reality, as most thought this a radical concept and not more anything else. ArchiBlox released this concept as a prefabricated structure.  This is must-have for the environmentally conscious folks out there. Let’s see how this home is more than a simple role model for other homes.

Apart from the obvious environmental friendly raw materials used in the construction of the house, the house continues to hold on to green credentials even after inhabitants make them their home. In fact, this house comes with an environmentally friendly lifestyle actually, with the embedded thermal control technology inhabitants can expect reduced costs associated with cooling and heating. The home comes with in-ground cool tubes, green sliding garden walls which do not allow the sun rays to infiltrate inside the home.

The Carbon Positive House – Architecture

The overall design of Archi+ Carbon Positive House oozes sustainability through its surgical design strategies. The home can withstand extreme heat and cold. The walls and roofs of the house designed to cool the home during the summer time and with a simple sliding mechanism, the roof can be become transparent thus capturing the heat and light from the sun during the winter season.  The house unsurprisingly also comes with the capability to harvest rainwater as well, the water harvesting system comes with a water purifier as well.  The overall design of the house also increases the air flow inside the house.  Moving the mechanism that comes with windows can also do the same thing as the roof as well.

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