The helix bridge is a pedestrian bridge connecting Marina center with South Marina

The Helix Bridge: Science inspired Architecture

The Helix is a pedestrian bridge connecting the Central Marina with the Marina South of the famous Marina Bay in Singapore. The Double Helix Bridge, as it was previously known as, was fully opened on 18th July 2010. This beautiful structure which required 6 long years to complete, is pedestrians favourite since it helps to easily transverse the Marina Bay.

Design and Architecture:

This beautiful and breathtaking structure came to life through the international collaboration of architects. The architectural credits of this building go to Cox Architecture, an Australian Architectural firm and Singapore based Architects 61. ARUP Pte Ltd, Singapore based company designed the Helix.

The concept behind creating the curved and helical bridge is very simple. The plan was to connect the pedestrian interconnection with the adjoining vehicular bridge at the centre and descending in both direction to the promenades at each end. The double helical structure seemed like a highly efficient form to implement the plan.

This 280m long bridge is made of stainless steel. The structure is not just a bridge, it is a bridge with four viewing platforms in it which offers the best view of the amazing Singapore skyline and the event area within Marina Bay. The ovular-shaped viewing platforms are cantilevered out of the bridge giving off the feeling of being in a pod.

Biological element:

The bridge is in the form of a double helix, the shape of our DNA. As a gesture, the letters C, G, A and T can be seen when the bridge is all lit up in the night sky. The letters stand for Cytosine, Guanine, Adenine and Thymine – the four nucleobases of DNA. But intentionally the bridge is structured as a left-handed DNA when the natural DNA is on earth is righthanded

The bridge itself becomes a beautiful sight at night with all the ribbons of LED lights lighting up this curved arc of the architectural structure. This lighting helps to highlight the double-helix structure thereby making a visual treat to all its visitors

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