Top Easy & Essential DIY home repairs every homeowner should know

Homeowners tend to neglect the big price tag incurred by the professional home repair service rather than doing simple fixes themselves. Home improvement or repairs sounds unapproachable and complex to the beginners. Most residents have the anxiety that their own attempts to repair a leaking toilet or a worn out doors will lead to more damage which may further dishearten them from going DIY. Not everyone has the essential skills to repair their own homes, though there are lots of instructional videos available on the internet. The challenge is which fixes are you able to DIY and which repairs requires the aid of professional technicians. Without good knowledge of the work at hand could result in expenses more than the cost of a professional service. 

The good news is, doing basic home maintenance neither need a specialized knowledge or training nor incurs a lot of money. So how do you know the home repair tasks which you can manage yourself or which you should not be depending on experts? Here are a few tips for providing you to do your work on your own.

How to Replace a Toilet

When you are resetting your old toilet, these tips will help you to repair it on your own.

Measure before buying

If you are planning a new toilet, then you should know the basic measurements of your old toilet. For most toilets, the waste pipe is fixed 12 inches from the wall. Also, check how far the bowl protrudes from the wall if there is a door near them.

Brass bolts are best

Make sure that you’re getting good brass bolts and nuts since some metal toilet bolts have a yellowish zinc coating which make them look like brass. So make sure you choose the best brass bolts and nuts.

Cut hold-down bolts

The old nuts may not budge because of years of corrosion. A hacksaw blade is the best solution for that. They are easy to cut because most of the toilet bolts and nuts are brass.

How to install a Toilet

Lockdown the bolts 

Locking Down the Bolts is the most difficult task in the whole installation process. The bolts may slip while installation. The solution to avoid this is to buy a second set of nuts and washers. After completing their fixing, make sure that they are in the right position. Then set the toilet and check its height and position. After this, lift it off and add the wax ring. 

Flange fixes

For a leak-free toilet, a rock-solid toilet flange can be used. The flange is the only thing that holds the toilet to the floor. Do check the flange fixes correctly, otherwise, the toilet will get damaged. 

Sit on the toilet to squish the wax ring

Until the toilet settles to the floor, you have to squish the wax ring. Sit on the toilet backward to squish the wax ring otherwise, there might be cracks on the porcelain base.

Don’t over tighten the water connections

Buy a flexible water supply line. Buy the one that is covered with stainless steel mesh. If the connections become too tight, it can cause leaks or can spin the fill valve inside the tank.

Cut the bolts last

New toilet bolts are extra long so you should have to cut off the protruding ends. Before you begin to cut the bolts, connect the water line, flush the toilet a couple of times and check if there are any leaks.

How to Cover Up a Ceiling Stain

If your ceiling feels dry and stained, then you can hide the stains with a spray-on product. Before you spray, lay a cloth on the floor and tape plastic on the walls so that it will not spread to other areas in the room while spraying.

How to Get Dents Out of Wood

Dip a cloth in water and wring it by hand so it is not sopping wet. Put the cloth in the affected area. Then place an iron box over the washcloth, make a movement back and forth and in circles. Do it continuously until the washcloth becomes dry. Continue this process until the dents get out of the wood.

Solution for a Small Leak

If your ceiling has water stains, then the roof is leaky. Small leaks are unable to track down easily. In some cases, the water may drip from the ceiling spot distant from the leak. Don’t try to avoid small leaks since they might be the reason for big leaks in the future. If you are unable to see small flow marks, then look at the underside of the roof for shiners. A shiner is a nail that missed the framing member when the rafter nailed it.  You can determine it in cold places by heading it in the cold night. By frost, the nails will appear white. Heats up the attic, then the frost melts and drips thus making the water stains.

Fix a Loose Cabinet Knob

If your knob or handle becomes loose, then there is a chance of damage. Try to fix the knob permanently with the help of a thread lok. Thread loks are used to avoid leakage, corrosion, and loosening. If you want to replace the handle in the future, the old knob will easily come off with a screwdriver.

Fix Scratched Cabinetry

Scratched cabinetry can be hidden by using a stain filled touch up marker. But be aware of the fact that the scratches can absorb a lot of stains and turns darker around the surroundings of the cabinetry. So make sure that the marker is lighter than your cabinet finish. For bigger scratches, use a filler pencil which will fix your scratched cabinetry.

Fix a smelly washing Machine

Leaving the washer door closed and washing your clothes just once in a week are the common chances for the moldy smell to occur. The mold doesn’t wash away so easily since front loaders use less water than top loaders. Avoid washing machine odors by replacing it with an Affresh tablet in the washer and run the cycle with hot water. Mold can be easily eliminated by running the empty washer once a month with a mold cleaner.

Lubricate a Lock with a Pencil

A sticky lock can be fixed easily with the help of a pencil. The teeth of the lock should be rubbed with the pencil until it becomes smooth and then insert the key in the lock.

Use Car Wax in Your Kitchen

The stainless steel kitchen appliances are most difficult to clean. But this can be easily cleaned by using car wax because it works faster than a surface cleaner. Apply a dash of car wax on the appliances and leave it for a few minutes to dry. Wash it off and you can see the fingerprints and smudges have vanished away.

How to Remove Sticker Residue

Sticker residue can be easily removed with the help of homely items. Take a paper towel and dip it in kitchen oil. Then place the paper towel over the residue. Leave it for a few minutes and finally, remove the paper towel and rub the sticker residue with a new paper towel.

If you care about maintaining the beauty of your home, then homeowners should know how to do renovations in your home without the help of others. These tips will help you to maintain your home securely without any damage.

Knowing how to do renovations in your home without the help of others helps reduce home maintenance costs and keeps your home secure without any damage. These tips keep your home running uptodate and the upsurge the longevity of your structure. 

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