Tower Infinity- the first invisible tower in the world.

Tower Infinity – Marking new Achievements

When we talk about buildings skyscrapers are a must mention. If you take a closer look, you can see that every nation has a skyscraper associated with it. Like the Eiffel Tower for Paris, its Empire State Building for New York and Burj Khalifa for Dubai. For South Korea, it has always been Namsan Tower or Seoul Tower but a new skyscraper is coming up to make its mark in the long list of skyscrapers. It is the Infinity Tower.

Infinity Tower is not just another skyscraper. It doesn’t compete to become the tallest rather it sets itself apart with its uniqueness – the invisibility. This 450 meters tall building makes its mark by being the first invisible building. The great minds working for the creation of such a building is GDS Architects. Their aim is to build a the “best” tower by having an “anti-tower”.

So now the question is how invisibility work? The building is covered from top to bottom with cameras and screens. The cameras capture the surrounding area and project it onto the reflective surface of the building. Three high definition cameras placed at six different levels of the tower will capture images in real time. These images are processed to form a monolithic image and are projected by many rows of LED screens to the other side of the building.

Tower Infinity - showcasing its ability to be invisible

Illumination also plays a part in invisibility. Different levels of illumination help to achieve a different degree of invisibility. The LED screens are so arranged that the tower becomes invisible to a certain region distributed around the tower. The tower is also made visible from high altitudes.

Tower Infinity is being built near Incheon Airport. It is mainly to attract tourist to the 4D theatre, restaurants and observation deck. It also has a roller coaster and water park. The projectors have other use too. The tower can be used as a huge billboard for broadcasting special events.

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